E-commerce web app with React JS (Part 1)

Source: https://www.gruponsc.com.br/como-montar-um-e-commerce/
npx create-react-app <here_goes_the_name_of_the_app>
sudo yarn create-react-app <here_goes_the_name_of_the_app>
npm i --save @fortawesome/fontawesome-svg-core
npm install --save @fortawesome/free-solid-svg-icons
npm install --save @fortawesome/react-fontawesome
npm install --save @fortawesome/free-brands-svg-icons
npm install --save @fortawesome/free-regular-svg-icons
— favicon.png
— index.html
— logo192.png
— logo512.png
— manifest.json
— robots.txt
— App.css
— App.js
— App.test.js
— index.css
— index.js
— logo.svg
— reportWebVitals.js
— setupTests.js

import logo from ‘./logo.svg’;
import { BrowserRouter, Routes, Route, Link } from ‘react-router-dom’;
import ‘./styles.css’;
import { FontAwesomeIcon } from ‘@fortawesome/react-fontawesome’;
function App() {return (<BrowserRouter><div className=”App”><div className=”grid-container”><header className=”header”><div className=”brand”><Link to=”/” className=”header-links”>Your Brand Name</Link></div><div className=”header-links”><a href=”cart”>Link 1</a><a href=”signin”>Link 2</a></div></header><main className=”main”><div className=”content”></div></main><footer className=”footer”></footer></div></div></BrowserRouter>);}export default App;



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